To install

If you see a messge saying Add To Homescreen, please accept and then alvie would be installed.

Using Alvie

Once alvie is installed, you will see it among your homescreen or the apps.

Record keeping. Simplified.

Need capital to grow your business but banks and loan providers don't have enough insights into your cash flow?

Every time you make a sale or spend, drop a voice note with Alvie. The powerful artificial intelligence behind Alvie will convert your notes into accurate cash flow records and export to lenders on your behalf.

Accurate entries

Even though you spoke naturally, Alvie will generate the right records under income or expenses.

Affordable, yet consistent

Never misses a day. Always waiting at the other end of the phone 24/7. More consistent that the assistant to whom you pay a salary.

Human override

Alvie is supported behind the scenes by professional accountants who verify every entry is accurate and retrain Alvie when necessary.

Access to loans

Engage Alvie consistently for 6 months, and you'll receive an offer of a loan to grow your business. Powered by our lending partners.

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